The Late Don Divine


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Welcome to Divine Bulldogs!
Home of man’s best friend and the notorious Divine Family bloodline of the American Pit Bull Terrier. When man met dog something truly divine happened. Here you will come to know how it all started for our family and be able to own a piece of history which still thrives today.

Our goal is to continue implementing all the great genetic traits that our line is known for while carefully introducing similar lines and complete out crosses. They are a part of our daily lives. We believe the more time you spend with your Divine dog, the smarter and more loyal your animal will become. History has taught us that much.

What can a pit bull do with you? An easier question would probably be what can’t it do? But just for kicks to name a few are Hunting, swimming, weight pull, fishing, conformation shows, wall climb, search and rescue, exercising, riding shot gun, channel surfing on the couch, pulling you down the road while you stand on your skateboard, and being a part of your family’s pack. These are all things we can enjoy and have in common with this great breed. 

Feel free to browse through our site, check out our current breedings, shop for apparel, and read up on our contribution to your favorite Bulldog!

Don, David, Ham & Slow Mo
The Divine Family has been deeply rooted with the American Pit Bull Terrier since the early 1900's. For them it's not just love for the breed, it's heritage. It started with the influence of Harrison Divine who was the father of Don and therefore Grandfather to David, Dennis & Diane. Harrison had Colby-Con Feeley bred dogs in those times. He used to run with a well respected pit bull fancier and enthusiast named Ham Morris. Ham was a friend and mentor of sorts to the family. Thought it would be nice to put him up as one of the first pictures in this timeline. Here are the Divines with Ham in the late 70's. The dog pictured is Slow Motion by Bruce and out of Nervy.